Welcome to Vermont Bowl Mill! We are proud to offer you custom hand-turned bowls made only in Vermont using the finest wood possible. Each bowl we make is made with love and particular attention to the detail of the individual wood used.

Vermont Bowl Mill is run by us, Steven & Debbi Grossfeld. We have lived in Vermont with our two children for over 21 years, and still are stunned by the majesty of our Green Mountains and the beautiful Maple trees that fill our forests. Our surroundings give us the initiative to delve into different areas of the arts, expanding even further on our art gallery and custom framing business.

Many of the bowls shown are made from reclaimed logs that have fallen due to storms in the area. These logs are harvested right after the storm and the bowls are immediately turned from the resulting wood.

The bowl making process begins with quality wood, which must be turned while the moisture is still in the wood for the finest results. Once the bowl is rough turned, it is soaked in a special solution that replaces the water content and reduces the drying time. After the soaking process, the bowls are set on a rack to dry for about three months. While drying, the bowls tend to become oval, but with our soak, we have eliminated most of the wood cracking that is common with other bowl turners.

After the bowls are dry, it's back on the lathe for them, and the final shaping and smoothing takes place. Once we are satisfied with the final bowl, it is sanded and a finish is applied. Salad bowls take a non-toxic, food-safe mineral oil coating, while most other bowls and vases get a special combination of tung oil, carnauba wax and beeswax, mixed with shellac flakes and dissolved into solution to be spun onto the finished wood piece while still on the lathe.

We are also happy to carry the works of Robbie Graham of Lake Tuopo, New Zealand. His unique work is done in his native woods and he then embellishes the finished pieces with pyrography and irridescent paints.

We also carry a selection of fine wood vases, made by Steve Sinner and Joe Meirhaeghe. These stylized vases are painted with decorative designs and glazed to a high gloss finish.

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